1st Asia-Pacific International Conference on Additive Manufacturing.

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Experts in additive manufacturing, our world-renowned speakers are sure to educate and inspire delegates.


The 1st Asia-Pacific International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (APICAM) is the first conference of this kind to be held in the Asia-Pacific region. The conference has been created to provide an opportunity for industry professionals and thinkers to come together, share knowledge and engage in the type of networking that is vital to the furthering of the additive manufacturing industry.

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Without our supporters, we wouldn’t be able to deliver such quality material, engage with such respected associations and attract the experts that we do. Our supporters provide resources, expertise and experience and allow us to move beyond the basics of a conference and create an environment where ideas find germination, like-minded people come together and knowledge is shared across all types of disciplines.

Symposia Themes

Symposia themes for the APICAM 2017 Conference include exciting presentations on advanced manufacturing and advances in materials characterisation. There will also be talks on corrosion and degradation, as well as the selection of durable materials for demanding environments and much more.